JOB ADVERTISEMENT: Radiochemistry / geochemistry Research Manager Vacancy at Radioactive Waste Management Limited

RWM have a vacancy which would be very suitable for a PhD radiochemist / geochemist keen to develop as RWM’s technical expert in this area. It is an exciting role, defining their national and international research programme, managing a large budget, fulfilling the role of ‘Intelligent Customer’ under their regulatory commitments and owning their knowledge base in this discipline. 


Links to the job specification can be found below:

Funding opportunities & events


The network can provide funding for up to 10 projects £20-£30k+ for pump priming projects linked to STFC


We will be running dedicated training courses and support for attendance of central training course (e.g. XAS data analysis courses). Training strategy will be based on small projects funded.


Actinide XAS 2017.